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The Love for One Orange
New York Times Article, September 16, 2011

MPHDA and... YOU

The Montrose Park Historic District Association (MPHDA) is here for all of us and you don’t have to live in an historic home to benefit from MPHDA’s efforts:
  • When the Village contemplated a disruptive change to on-street parking regulations, we represented the neighborhood at public meetings and were successful in our intent to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood
  • MPDHA funded the attractive street signs which are now familiar to you and we are prudent about maintaining them
  • Recently, MPDHA replaced the pole banners which delineate the borders of Montrose Park
MPHDA provides resources to homeowners who are looking for advice and recommendations about how to maintain, upgrade or remodel their homes and landscaping so that their changes match the historic details of their property.

Three key ingredients that help make Montrose Park special are:

  • our residents
  • the quantity and quality of our 19th and 20th century architecture and
  • our beautiful public spaces such as the circle on Montrose Avenue at Grove Terrace and Woodland Avenue, where MPHDA provides resources and funding to maintain shrubs and plant seasonal flowers.
Each year MPHDA also plants beds at Mountain Station and Grove Park., locations that are entry points to Montrose Park that help us announce Montrose as a community that we are proud to call home.
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Montrose Park Banners

MPHDA has made a major investment to distinguish and beautify our unique historic district.  As you drive and walk around the Montrose Park, you will see more than 30 five-foot tall street banners on light poles throughout the District. The elegant new banner design features our historic gaslights and our “M” logo (which will reflect in the dark).
The banners will help better define the unique character of Montrose Park and will add a distinctive touch to our streets. Banners are hung at various locations at Mountain Station, on Vose Avenue, Scotland Road, Montrose Avenue, Montrose Circle, Grove Park, Centre Street, South Orange Avenue and throughout the District.

MPHDA would like to thank the Village of South Orange and especially Mario Luciani and the crew at the SO Public Works department for installing the banners.

MPHDA Banner Near Mountain Station

MPHDA banner near Mountain Station 2009

MPHDA Marketplace

Montrose Park Playing Cards a big hit 

Can it be possible that any home could be complete without playing cards?  We don’t think so -- especially, when it’s a custom deck of playing cards that features 52 different photos of homes in Montrose Park. This 2007 award winning custom deck of cards is a “must have” for any South Orange homeowner, and they make a great gifts too! These one-of-a-kind cards are just $10 per deck. To order, please email MPHDA at info@MontroseParkSONJ.org

2011 Playing Card back2011 Playing Card front
Now available are our new 2011 Montrose Playing Cards which feature 52 more historic homes in Montrose Park.  These one-of-a-kind custom playing cards compliment our previous deck and can be purchased for just $10 per deck.  Or purchase both decks for just $18!  They make a great gift for a home-sick student away at college or a friend or family member who grew up or spent time living in South Orange.  To order, please email us at info@MontroseParkSONJ.org.  

Vintage Montrose Street Signs are for sale!

MPHDA street signs

Click on image to view inventory


The Village of South Orange donated the old street signs (now replaced by distinctive historic district signs) to MPHDA.  To help fund our projects and activities, we are selling the old street signs for $25 per sign!  Please email us if you would like to purchase a sign - info@MontroseParkSONJ.org

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, preserve and beautify the Montrose Park Historic District, maintain its integrity and enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to grow up in Montrose Park, South Orange during the early 1900s?  Discover the thoughts, and pencil drawings of Anna Appleton Flichtner written at age 15 in her first diary.  She and her mother moved in with her Grandparents Thayer after her father's death.  Anna resided at the Thayer household, 140 Montrose Avenue, from 1905-1925.  Anna's diary can be read at the following link courtesy of her cousin, David Thayer. To view photographs of Anna's family, click here.  

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